How To Find The Right Material For Benchtop?

The popular questions nowadays is that how to find the right material for benchtops? Many people often ask this and it is difficult to find a straight answer due to the number of choices. The choice of benchtops can often vary depending on the room you would install them in. for instance, if it is the kitchen then you would want to take into consideration the durability. You often slam the grocery bags on the kitchen benchtops, and if you are picking a material which only has looks and not durability then it would not last long in the kitchen. And in the bathroom, there is so much moisture that you almost never want to go for materials such as hardwood.

There are two popular choices for benchtops for both kitchens and bathrooms, and those choices are marble and granite. Now, we would not directly go on to say that which one is better among the two because each of them have their own unique benefits. So, we will instead discuss the unique advantages of these two benchtop materials and let you be the judge.

Granite Benchtops

Granite bench tops have become popular over the years and one cannot deny it. You would find many people using granite benchtop and they are indeed a great option for both the bathroom and the kitchen. They look decent as well, but their appearance is not the main reason why people often prefer to go with granite. The main reason why granite benchtops are popular is because they can also be extremely durable. If you are looking where granite beats marble, then durability is that field. Granite excels in durability when compared to marble, and although the difference is not that huge, the price of granite makes it a great candidate for both kitchen and bathroom benchtops.

Marble Benchtops

Marble of Melbourne is perhaps the most familiar material to most people. You would see marble at a variety of different places. You would see marble floorings popularly as well. As we said that granite is much durable and also a lot cheaper than marble, but the main reason why marble is still so famous is because there is nothing which can beat it in terms of appearance. When you touch both of these materials, you can easily feel the difference in quality. They may not look that different from afar, but if you have always been on the lookout for quality then perhaps investing some more money would be worth it for you.

These were the main differences between both marble and granite benchtops. So, to make it easier for you to decide that which material you should choose then look at your budget. If you want reliability in low budget then granite. If you want to go for class but spend a bit more, then marble.